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Cold Weather Can Mess with your Phone

Anyone who has stepped out of their house for more than 3 seconds knows it's pretty darn cold out there. If you step outside and notice your cellphone acting a little weird; it's because your phone is cold too. Apple says it's iPhone's are made to operate in temperatures above 32 degrees and when it's below that temperature you may start experiencing problems like the device shutting off on its own, shortened battery life, display problems, or even the screen shattering. But we all know that, while your best friend slipping on the ice and falling on their butt is hilarious, it didn't really happen unless you got video to post on Instgram and Facebook so here are some tips on how to use your phone in the cold.


Obviously, our number 1 priority in the cold is to keep ourselves warm. But a close second is being able to send that text. If you have ever tried to send a text or use your phone at all while wearing gloves, you know it doesn't work. These screens depend on your body's ability to conduct electricity to work, and a thick insulating layer of wool prevents the screen from registering your taps and pokes. Luckily, there are pretty inexpensive gloves that you can purchase that have a special material at the fingertips to allow you to use your phone. If you're handy, you can actually make your own gloves. Follow the tutorial HERE. Using a stylus is always an option as well. When all else fails, you can use your nose. But that requires a bit of coordination. 













Some smartphones list the optimum range of temperatures in their technical specs. For example, when it's turned off, the iPhone 5S can withstand temperatures between -4° and 113° Fahrenheit. When it's turned on, the range is much more narrow. Apple suggests 32° Fahrenheit as the lowest operating ambient temperature. Other phones are rated for much lower temperatures, and some can go as low as -4° Fahrenheit while in operation. When lithium-ion batteries are exposed to cold temperatures, their performance suffers. When cold, a phone battery can drain faster than normal, or it might say it has ample power remaining and then suddenly go dead. The problems are only temporary and the battery should behave normally when the device is brought back up to warmer temperatures.

If your phone does shut down in the cold, do not restart it until you're inside and it's had a chance to warm up. Restarting when it's cold could be harmful to your phone and your battery life.  And it's not just the battery. Smartphones are made up of other delicate electronic parts, like their LCD screens, that can malfunction in extreme temperatures. Freezing temperatures can also make a phone's glass surfaces more sensitive to cracks and breaks, especially if there's already a flaw or nick in any of the glass. There have been reports of the glass on the back of the iPhone shattering in extreme cold temperatures.

The best advice for keeping your phone safe when it's cold is to not let it get cold. Don't leave it in a cold car for extended periods of time. Keep it in a pocket close to you. 


California Man Saves Rabbit from Fire

The horrendous fires continue to rage in Southern Califonia. And one can only imagine the impact on the local wildlife. It's a thought that just makes you shudder. But how far would you be willing to go to help save the animals? One man braved the flames to rescue a wild rabbitt and instant became an internet hero.
The video shows the fire engulfing a highway in Ventura County when suddenly a wild rabbitt darts across the road. A man wearing nothing but shorts and a hoodie raced after him and, well, check out the video below...


Don't Fall for these Fake News Stories!

Just because you read it on Facebook or somebody’s blog or in an email from a friend or relative doesn’t mean it’s true. Here’s few of the most widely-spread – and completely fake – “news” circulating:



Bogus News: “President Trump Just Saved Christmas For 13 Million Retirees”

The Truth (As Reported By AP): “The nation’s seniors won’t be getting a letter from the Internal Revenue Service granting them a ‘Christmas stimulus,’ despite claims of a viral story circulated by hoax site Reagan Was Right. The story, citing an official from the White House director of information and propaganda, claims anyone over 65 who receives Social Security payments and has an annual income under $40,000 would be receiving a stimulus check. The White House has no such office, and the IRS tells the AP it’s not aware of any such proposal. The story also is paired with a photo of Trump signing something. The photo shows the signing of an executive order in January on the Dakota Access pipeline, not a stimulus.”


Bogus News: “California Governor Jerry Brown To Allow HIV Positive People To Donate Blood”
The Truth (As Reported By AP): “Brown did approve a law in October that lessens criminal penalties for knowingly infecting another person with HIV, but it doesn’t allow those with the virus that causes AIDS to donate blood. A story on several websites claims the measure allows ‘HIV positive people to donate their blood to others.’ The law states that blood ‘shall not be donated for transfusion purposes by a person if the person may have reason to believe that he or she has been exposed to HIV or AIDS’.”


Bogus News: “Slaughterhouse Employee Accused Of Murdering 71 Coworkers Over 17 Years”
The Truth (As Reported By AP): “Sulpher Springs, Texas, Police Chief Jay Sanders says an article claiming a slaughterhouse in the city is under investigation over the disappearance of dozens of workers is ‘absolutely not a true story.’ The tale was first published online by the hoax site World News Daily Report in 2015. The story was circulated again in recent weeks by a different website. The story quotes police as identifying a worker named Jeremiah Burroughs as a suspect. A mug shot included with the story is actually a photo of a man by a different name who pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in Wichita Falls, Texas.”


Bogus News: “Canada Legalizes Euthanasia So Parents Can Kill Disabled Children”
The Truth (As Reported By AP): “Canada did legalize medically assisted suicide last year for those with serious illnesses, but the Canadian government’s website says children are not eligible. A near-identical story posted on several websites falsely claims Canada allows ‘parents who want their doctors to kill their sick, disabled or dying children’ to turn to euthanasia. The stories were published after a columnist in the conservative National Review suggested that Canada’s law could one day lead to children being euthanized.


Bogus News: “Pentagon claims ‘no issues’ after F-35 float explodes at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”
The Truth (As Reported By AP): “The military-themed satire site Duffel Blog posted this story claiming an F-35 fighter jet float leveled an entire city block along Sixth Avenue in Manhattan during the annual New York City parade last week, killing thousands. Not only was there no such explosion, the official lineup of floats and balloons shows Olaf the snowman from Disney’s ‘Frozen,’ SpongeBob SquarePants and Ronald McDonald, but no fighter jet-themed displays.


Did you See the Supermoon?

Sunday night was the only Supermoon of 2017 and it was pretty cool to see. 


Super moons only appear when the sun, moon, and Earth align during a full or new moon. During a Spuermoon, the moon appears 14% larger and 30% brighter.


Did you get a picture of the Spuermoon? Comment with your picture.


Alternate Street Side Parking has Begun

Despite the fact that we have seen very little snowfall here lately, our good fortune will soon run out. And with the snow comes alternate street side parking here in the Greater Binghamton area. Make sure you know the rules before you end up with a ticket and a fine when you wake up one morning. According to the City of Binghamton website.....


The City of Binghamton’s winter alternate side parking rules will begin Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 and remain in effect until March 15, 2018.

The policy allows for safe and efficient snow plowing of all City streets. In addition, during snow events motorists are strongly encouraged to move vehicles off streets and into driveways or parking lots at City parks to allow snow plows and emergency crews to keep streets clear.


For questions, residents should contact the Binghamton Police Traffic Division: (607) 772-7095.

Alternate side parking includes the following guidelines:

  • On even calendar days, park on the even side of the street until 5 p.m.
  • On odd calendar days, park on the odd side of the street until 5 p.m.
  • The change in parking occurs each day at 5 p.m. For example, since Dec. 1 is an odd day, vehicles must be moved to the even side of the street at 5 p.m. Residents should think, “Park for tomorrow.”
  • Rules are in effect 24 hours per day.
  • Alternate side parking rules apply to all City streets, including those with parking on only one side.
  • Streets with no parking on both sides of the street remain no parking zones on both sides of the street. In these cases, alternate side parking does not apply.
  • Rules do not apply for kiosk parking.


The following areas are exempt from alternate side parking rules:

  •  ALFRED STREET, between Grand and Lookout Streets
  • CLINTON STREET, between Glenwood Avenue and Jarvis Street
  • CONKLIN AVENUE, between South Washington Street and the State Street Bridge off-ramp
  • COURT STREET, between the Court Street Bridge and Fayette Street
  • CRANDALL STREET, between Clinton Street and dead-end.
  • DELAVAN AVENUE, between Iva Avenue and the dead-end to the northeast
  • FAYETTE STREET, between Court and Susquehanna Street
  • FLORENCE AVENUE, between Eaton Place and Leroy Street
  • HARRISON STREET, between Matthews Street and West End Avenue
  • JUDSON AVENUE, between Lorraine and Glenwood Avenue
  • KING AVENUE, between St. John Avenue and Walnut Street
  • LOOKOUT STREET, between Telegraph and Alfred Streets
  • LOURDES ROAD, between Riverside Drive and the dead-end to the north
  • MINERVA AVENUE, between Grand Boulevard and Schubert Street
  • MITCHELL AVENUE, between Vestal Avenue and Morris Street
  • OAK STREET, between Gaines St. and Prospect Street
  • PARK AVENUE, between Vestal Avenue and Morris Street
  • PARK STREET, between Schubert and Harrison Streets
  • PROSPECT STREET, between Front Street and Glenwood Avenue
  • RONAN STREET, between Baxter and Prospect Streets (odd side only)
  • SEMINARY AVENUE, between Chestnut Street and Laurel Avenue
  • WEST STREET, between Clinton and Phelps Streets



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